Thinking of moving up to the Europa range of Super Premium dog food? A number of issues might cross your mind regarding the Europa range of Super Premium dog food and what it will do for both you and your dog – well below are just a few points that might help answer some of those questions.


My dog has very sensitive digestion – can Europa help?

The entire Europa range of Super Premium dog food contains a pre-biotic which can help to rid your dog of harmful bacteria from their intestine, especially if your dog has eaten something it shouldn’t have! read more (go the paragraph about pre-biotics) Many dog’s are also sensitive to certain ingredients contained in a dog food, however Europa Super Premium dog food excludes all the most common allergens to ensure that it remains kind and gentle even dogs with a sensitive stomach.

My dog is always scratching, his or her skin is inflamed but doesn’t have fleas.

The next most common cause of such a condition after parasites is your dog’s diet. Europa’s carefully balanced, hypoallergenic nutritional diet, with the inclusion of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, will help to restore your dog’s skin and coat back to its full and natural healthy state within a surprisingly short space of time. read more (go the paragraph about Omega 3 and 6)

Do I need to add any other food to my dog’s diet if I feed it on Europa?

Quite simply, no.

A Europa Super Premium diet means your dog will be receiving all the food, nutrients and vitamins it requires for a long, healthy and active life. Dogs tend not to react well to the chopping and changing of their diet, but welcome small additions to it. So we would recommend you sticking to a Europa diet, but on occasion adding some tit-bits to the bowl or even adding some meat gravy.

Remember, dogs have very few taste buds – they mainly taste with their nose, so if it smells good, as far as a dog is concerned, it will taste good!

Is Europa really a high quality dog food or is it simply all in the marketing?

As we have stated many times, Europa is classed as a Super Premium dog food. This means that in order to classify for this label, it must use high quality ingredients from top quality sources, contain a certain high level of protein and have included in the recipe other minerals and vitamins that promote a high quality of life for your dog.

Further to this, Europa is a member of the “Campaign for Real Pet Food” and we would encourage you to check out their web site and see what they and we stand for.

I can’t afford to feed my dog a Super Premium food?

Europa is one of the most affordable of all the super premium dog foods, partly because it is made in the U.K. and partly because the philosophy of our company is in value for money. Europa offers optimum nutrition, it is cheaper per day than tinned food and mixer and in the long run, you can expect your dog to live a healthier and more active life as a result of feeding him or her on Europa Super Premium dog food.

Changing to Europa Super Premium Dog Food:

By choosing to feed your dog on a Europa Super Premium dog food diet, you are making a positive statement regarding the health and vitality of your dog. When moving up to Europa from your dog’s previous food, it is very important that you introduce the food slowly to their diet.

We recommend this because a dog’s stomach can be sensitive to nutritional changes, often by way of looser stools. This is a very common, short term occurrence (i.e. up to 1 week) and you should neither be alarmed or concerned (if it occurs any longer than that we advise you to consult your local vet). As a consequence of the above, we recommend that you observe the following 6 day change over routine to assist your dog in moving up to a Europa Super Premium food:

Day 1 - 75% old food, 25% Europa

Day 2 - 75% old food, 25% Europa

Day 3 - 50% old food, 50% Europa

Day 4 - 25% old food, 75% Europa

Day 5 - 25% old food, 75% Europa

Day 6 - 100% Europa